Sancar Uğuryol

Sancar born in New York, 1964. In 1987 he graduated from PADI International College as a Diving Instructor. He continued his professional advanced training, with Medic First Aid Instructor on 1993, He became IDC Staff Instructor on 1995 and earned Master Instructor degrees. By 1997, he became Course Director and Medic First Aid Instructor Trainer. In 2003, he became an EFR (Emergency First Response) Instructor Trainer. He is one of the only 3 PADI Course Directors currently active in Turkey.

They have expertise on Search and Recovery, Rack Dive, Scientific Investigation Dive, Deep Dive, Night Dive, First Aid Oxygen Usage, Dry Suit Dive, Navigation Dive, Nitrox Dive and Semi Closed Circuit - SCR - Dolphin.

He trained over 1,000 divers and medical first aiders, over 300 Dive Leaders, Assistant Trainer, Specialist Trainer and nearly 250 Dive Trainer and Medical First Aid Trainer. He has been a member of editorial board and writer in "Hunting Nature and Gun World", "Yatch", "Yatching Turkey", magazines. He is active in the Protection of Archaeological Submersible Activities. He was the World Platinum course 2007 Director.

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