This diving course, which includes basic diving training, aims to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for safe diving. These diving trainings will teach you not only to do safe and healthy diving, but also shows you the cultural and natural assets as a diver who respects the environment

This course consists of three parts.

Educational program

Theoretical Section

The Diving Instructor takes place in the presence of video programs and educational books. Includes topics such as buoyancy, pressure-volume relationships, compression and equalization, diving equipment, underwater communication, environment, problem solving, diving diseases, the use of sportive diving tables, diving skills. Theoretical lessons are held in classrooms in our Deepist 1.Levent office.

Pool Trainings

Our trainees who successfully complete their theoretical training, are taken to the pool to study the necessary skills under water. These trainings usually takes about three hours. The aim of the pool training is to teach the skills to be carried out in the sea, to be ready for sea education and to be self-reliant. Pool diving trainings are held in our indoor pool in 1. Levent.

Offshore Studies

The dive training is given by the diving instructor and it consists total of 4 dives. Our trainees who fulfill the performance requirements are entitled to receive the TSSF-CMAS 1 Star Diver certificate. They can dive anywhere in the world.

Training Participation Conditions

It is necessary to know that to be a scuba diver; the diver needs to be get a health paper from the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation and needs to sign the declaration that there is no impediment to do a scuba diving, to know how to swim and to be at least 14 years old.

* Our trainees needs to bring two passport-sized photographs to the lesson.

Training Date and Time:

(For training days and hours, please contact our dive center)
Monday: 19:30 – 22:30
Tuesday: 19:30 – 22:30
Wednesday: 19:30 – 22:30

10 hours of theoretical training in 3 days, CMAS 1 Star course booklet, TSSF-CMAS fee, 3 hours pool training, pool rental, diving log book, rental of all diving equipment, VAT.



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